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Five Ways to Incorporate Easter Themes into Seasonal Decor

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Five Ways to Incorporate Easter Themes into Seasonal Decor

Easter is just around the corner, and to get into the spirit, seniors can join their neighbors and the rest of the nation in brushing away the last traces of winter and decorating for this hope-filled holiday.

Although there are countless ways to bring the holiday festivities into your living space, here are five ways to incorporate Easter themes into seasonal decor that you can try today.

1. Classic Floral Displays

Flower arrangements are a tried-and-true standby for holiday decorations in general, and they work incredibly well during Easter and spring to set the atmosphere for the season. Seniors can make them stand out even more by adding fun details such as decorative plant stakes or floral picks with holiday characters or greetings on them.

For an inspiring faith-based display, combine a peace lily houseplant with floral picks shaped like doves or add crosses made from twigs to a greenery arrangement.

2. Beautiful Baskets

Egg baskets come in a delightful array of styles ranging from cute to rustic. While there are plenty of premade versions on the market, making one yourself can be a lot of fun and a great way to show off your personality. Seniors looking for inspiration can explore sites like Pinterest and crafting tutorials such as those below to get ideas for their own projects.

Paper Flowers can be attached to wicker baskets to create a basic design or an elegant cascade of detailed blossoms.

Lacey egg-shaped baskets formed from colorful string and fabric stiffener make pretty end table decorations.

The speckled eggs in this old-fashioned wire basket are both simple and fun to make yourself.

3. Charming Details

If space is limited or large centerpieces simply don't appeal to you, look into incorporating small accents around your senior living apartment. This could be in the form of decorative bird nests tucked into a bookcase or colorful eggs set in focal points such as beside the television or around photographs. Another cute idea to consider is these flower pots lined up along a windowsill or kitchen cabinet.

4. Add Lights

An interesting layer of depth can be incorporated into seasonal decorations through the use of light sources. There are many easy DIY crafts involving lights that seniors can give a try such as adding LED tea lights to plastic eggs for glow-in-the-dark accents.

Two particularly eye-catching centerpiece ideas include putting battery-operated twinkle lights in an old-fashioned lantern along with moss and eggs and mimicking the look of water flowing over potted plants with fairy lights and a watering can.

5. Door Decor

A clever wreath ensures that your visitor's first impression of your Terre Haute apartment is a lasting one. If you already have a welcome sign, dress it up for the holidays with a few repurposed white dove ornaments from your Christmas supplies or with a garland made out of yarn eggs.

You can also surprise guests by turning the orange tulips of this pretty wreath into a carrot shape or make them smile by attaching an adorable stuffed bunny and cluster of yarn carrots to a weathered picture frame.

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