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Seven New Books Seniors Would Enjoy

Seven New Books Seniors Would Enjoy

Seniors who can't resist a good story or mystery have plenty of choices to add to their summer reading picks. While book preferences are often deeply personal and tied to a reader's own interests and memories, we've assembled a list of seven new books seniors can look over today.

1. True Blue K-9 Unit Series

Fresh on the heels of Love Inspired's Military K-9 Unit Series, this series about man's best friend provides dog lovers with great stories to indulge in this summer. A new author and a fresh set of characters for each book means seniors can freely choose whether to read them all in the released order as they come out this year or pick out ones with their favorite dog or setting as stand-alone novels.

2. Where Dandelions Bloom

Praised by reviewers for her attention to detail and historical accuracy, Tara Johnson weaves together a story of hope, healing and love in the face of the pain and uncertainty of personal struggles and the American Civil War. Inspired by true accounts of women serving in the army, Where Dandelions Bloom tells the desperate and courageous tale of a young woman who disguises herself as a man and joins the Union Army in order to escape an arranged marriage.

3. Sweet On You: Bradford Sisters Romance Series #3

Set after the stories of genealogist Nora and fashion model Willow, Sweet on You follows childhood friends Britt and Zander as they delve into the mystery of his uncle's sudden death and explore their budding love. In the final entry in this series by Becky Wade, readers can try to piece together clues from the past while catching a glimpse of a master chocolatier at work.

4. Half Finished

Sweet, slow and thoughtful, Lauraine Snelling's story about a group of ladies who often put things off is a unique chance to see how the ordinary can become something more through faith and friendship. Because the book hops through several characters, readers can more easily find a relatable figure in this light summer read.

5. Purls and Poison: Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries #10

Though Purls and Poison is Anne Canadeo's tenth entry in her murder mystery series featuring a group of knitters turned sleuths, it features a main character and story that can stand alone. This offers newcomers the freedom to choose whether they wish to begin the adventure with the first book or the latest.

6. Booking the Crook: A Bookmobile Cat Mystery #7

The latest tale in a chain of adventures starring a feisty librarian and her rescue cat, Booking the Crook finds the duo investigating the unexpected demise of a favorite customer. Minnie, with Eddie close by, pushes aside her personal worries and troubles with a new boss to sort through the suspects and discover the truth.

7. Silver Six Crafting Mystery Series #3

First released in 2017, Nancy Haddock's third novel in her whodunit series stars the owner of Lilyvale's craft store, Nixy. The niece of Aunt Sherry, Nixy and later two of the Silver Six find themselves mixed up in a murder case during the Fall Folk Art Festival and Bake Sale. The plucky group of crafters and crime fighters quickly step in to help some of their own.

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Saturday, July 20, 2019
Shawn Deane
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