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Eight Games to Play with Family or Friends After Holiday Meals

Eight Games to Play with Family or Friends After Holiday Meals

Family time doesn't have to end with the feast, and a few activities prepared ahead of time can ensure the smiles and laughter continue well past the meal. If you would like to keep the festive atmosphere going and do something that matches the season, then here are eight games to play with family after a holiday dinner.

1. Family Photographer Game

This clever game encourages kids and adults to interact and talk during family reunions, which helps give everyone the chance to learn more about each other and create fun memories. And because it requires kids to take selfies with their relatives, it's the perfect opportunity to collect pictures for a special scrapbook or online photo journal.

2. Thankful From A to Z

While this thought-provoking list can be written on any sheet of paper, the fall-themed printouts make it a fitting addition to place settings at both the kids' and adults' tables during holiday meals. Filling out the answers can help to encourage your family to see and treasure the blessings they have in life and serve as a good conversation starter.

3. Holiday Word Finder

Get the kitchen timer back out for this simple but engaging game. Decide a length of time that suits the age and attention spans of the participants and challenge them to search for words that can be made out of the letters in Autumn-themed words and phrases such as Happy Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, scarecrow or cornucopia. You can play this one around Christmas time using words such as Christmas tree, Santa's sleigh or good will to men.

4. Dancing Corn Science Experiment

For an educational group activity, give this simple science experiment a try once dinner has been cleared off the table. It only requires a few supplies, and the principal behind it is the same chemical reaction as rockets that use vinegar and baking soda for propulsion.

5. Alphabet Match

A great way to help the youngest members of the family practice their letters, this matching game is made from paper cut outs shaped like pilgrim hats. Each hat is marked with a letter, and children are tasked with finding paper buckles with the same letter and attaching it with tape.

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Thursday, November 14, 2019
Shawn Deane
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