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Best Planners and Calendars for Seniors: Prepping for the New Year

Best Planners and Calendars for Seniors: Prepping for the New Year

One of our desires for each resident at Bethesda Gardens in Terre Haute is that they are able to live a vibrant life and stay as active as they want. To that end, the assisted living community staff keeps a robust schedule in place and is always willing to jump in to help seniors achieve their goals.

But as a resident of the assisted living community, you may find it hard to keep track of your personal commitments, community schedules and desire to spend time on self care and other tasks. With 2019 fast approaching, it's a good time to prepare for an active new year by finding the right planner or calendar to support personal organization. While these are definitely personal choices, we've highlighted a few of our favorite planners and calendars for seniors below.


Paper planners range from basic notebooks to gorgeous products that combine scrapbooking and organization. Here are some excellent paper planners for seniors who enjoy putting pen to paper or reflecting on each day.

The Passion Planner. This is a customizable planner that's great for seniors who want to keep track of hourly appointments without losing site of bigger goals and weekly schedules. You can choose from a variety of colors and layouts to suit your needs, and the high-quality paper makes it easy to add color and decoration if you're a creative planner.

Mead Planners. If you want something more basic, you can visit the school or office supply aisle at any local store to snag a well-equipped appointment planner. Mead also makes notebooks to help you track finances, and you can opt for a large-print planner if you want a better look at days and dates.

Hashi Desk Pad. Seniors who want to keep a schedule near their computer or on an assisted living apartment counter can opt for something like Hashi's desk pad calendar. This provides a compact weekly view so you can plan seven days at a time.


Not everyone needs to organize at a granular level, and if you just want to keep your entire month in view, a good wall calendar is ideal.

Seniors can chose paper calendars or whiteboard style calendars. The benefit of the latter is that it cuts down on waste. You simply wipe it clean each month and fill in the new dates. Opt for low-odor markers to use with a whiteboard calendar to keep fumes and smells down in your assisted living apartment.

If you'd rather go with paper, you can choose from thousands of calendars, many which come with fun or beautiful images that add visual appeal to your apartment. Choose a paper calendar that pleases you thematically so you can enjoy it all year.


If you want to eschew paper completely, consider a digital planning app or calendar. Most smartphones and tablets come with at least basic calendars, where you can input your appointments. But seniors who want help remembering their own schedules and sticking to routines might consider TimeTune.

This app lets you create daily routines with optional audio reminders that it's time to do something. You can also create stand-alone reminders for appointments that don't happen daily, ensuring you never forget a birthday, doctors appointment or to take your medication.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018
Bethesda Gardens Terre Haute
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